Purchase of vehicles from auctions, wholesalers and dealers.
Global export of vehicles.
Professional buyers on hand with mechanical skills and background.
Vast expertise and experience in evaluating vehicles We buy THE BEST vehicles !!
Shipping to over 40 countries.


Dear Sir,
It is my pleasure to make a testimonial for RDS Corporation Ltd. This company is the best company I have ever dealt with in Japan. Reed is easy to communicate with, dependable, honest, professional, and supplies perfect vehicles every time. Reed is so meticulous and knowledgeable that you are certain to get the right vehicle every time. Is it just me or does Reed ever sleep? It seems like he is on the job 24/7. This is a company I would have no problem giving a recommendation for. Keep up the fine effort.

Grand Cayman
Japan Export Vehicle
Inspection Center Co.,Ltd.
Member of the Nagoya Chamber of Commerce...
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