Thank you for visiting RDS Corporation Ltd. RDS was founded in 1999 by Reed Hartley and his wife Yumi. Reed has been in the export business in Japan since 1995 and has been around the car business for most of his life. Reed is a Canadian who has lived in Japan since 1994 and prior to this was working at his family business in Canada which was in the private automotive repair sector. Reed is a car enthusiast and loves the export business in Japan. Since 1999 RDS has steadily grown and become recognized as one of the most reputable export companies in Nagoya. RDS does not claim to be the biggest but they try their hardest to be the best. The way they achieve this is through their reliable and consistent efforts to provide the best vehicles along with the best prices and service. Our goal is simple, “help our customers reach their goals”. With this simple philosophy we are able to keep all our customers satisfied and ensure a long successful relationship. Reed and his wife would like to thank all the customers over the years who have contributed to the steady growth and success of their company.
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