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I recently lived in Tokyo, Japan for over 2 years and had the good fortune of meeting Reed through a co-worker of mine. He supplied my wife and I with 2 vehicles and we were able to drive and operate the vehicles for 1 year before having Reed ship the vehicles back home to the UK. A freak accident happened to our new 2006 Harrier just before shipment. A container somehow fell on our vehicle while it was waiting for shipment in the port. Needless to say the vehicle was a total loss. I was worried at first that perhaps I would lose all my money but Reed assured me that everything would be fine and negotiated with the company that dropped the container on our car. He got us a brand new 2007 Harrier to replace it free of any cost to me. He also did all the ground work on the next procedure to ship the vehicle. I did not know if we could ship the vehicle under the private import rules because the replacement vehicle had not been registered in my name for a year. Reed contacted the port authorities in the UK and a clearing agent. He really went out of his way to make sure that we would get the Harrier and we did. Everything worked out great and I just wanted to let everyone know that Reed has to be one of the most reputable people in this business. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a vehicle from Japan.
London, UK
Japan Export Vehicle
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