Purchase of vehicles from auctions, wholesalers and dealers.
Global export of vehicles.
Professional buyers on hand with mechanical skills and background.
Vast expertise and experience in evaluating vehicles We buy THE BEST vehicles !!
Shipping to over 40 countries.


To Reed,
Congratulations on your new website. It is very user friendly and the online auction service is a great help to my business. Your vehicles are always exceptional when it comes to quality and your vehicles always sell faster than other vehicles that are supplied from others. I call it the "RDS factor" and have started depending on it. I could recommend you to anyone who is looking for professional, courteous service. Reed is very knowledgeable when it comes to vehicles and if he tells you a car is mint then it is nothing but mint. Reed describes and assesses vehicles better than anyone in Japan.
Surrey, UK
Japan Export Vehicle
Inspection Center Co.,Ltd.
Member of the Nagoya Chamber of Commerce...
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